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Things to do near Wild Lotus...


#1: Sunset from the top of the water tower

Head to the top of our three story water tower with a cool beverage in hand and enjoy the show-- flocks of bright green parrots racing by, black headed ibis seeming defying the laws of gravity as they amble by three stories above the earth.  Listen to the water buffalo herdsman gather his flock from their grazing in the shallows of the lake and begin the walk to their enclosure for their evening rest.

#2 Bike ride through the rice paddies

Hop on one of our bikes and explore the area around the villa. Our water tower is so tall that you will be able to see it and follow your way back easily.

#3 Checking out the water buffalo herd/fishermen

Simple village life is all around us. Depending on the time of day and season, you might see a water buffalo herd going out to pasture or returning for the day.  You might also see fisherman on their outrigger canoes or various birds finding a new spot to roost for the night. What you probably won’t see are other tourists. 

#4 Collect organic chicken eggs/feed the chickens

Our staff will be happy to help you guide you with this one, the chicken coop is near the wall but our hens have been known to leave eggs in the driver’s seat of our old jeeps!  

#5 Birding

If you’re an early riser, walk to the property line near the lake and stand partially concealed by one of the trees. Watch in awe as all the birds greet the day.  You’ll see huge purple egrets, painted storks and other large birds depending on the season. Our staff will be happy to lend you our binoculars and bird book, just ask.

#6 Fishing in the pond

Our staff are happy to help with this one as well, they will show you how to use a basic bamboo fishing rod like the locals do.  Look closely and you'll be able to spot frogs and turtles in the water.

#7 Bonfire under the stars

Relax under a blanket of stars around our fire pit.  Light pollution isn't a thing in this part of the world, fire up a constellation app on your phone and explore the night sky or just sit and listen to the peacocks calling each other through the dark.
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